About Me

My name is Pawel Stolowski, I was born in Bydgoszcz, Poland and currently live in Dublin, Ireland. I work as Software Engineer. I'm devoted to GNU/Linux and Open Source Software and develop some free open-source projects in my spare time. This site contains some general information about my projects.



I'm a long-time Linux user and a big fan of open source software. I started using Linux around 1997 or 1998 (if my memory serves me correctly) and it quickly became my only work environment. I've tried several Linux distributions since then, but eventually discovered and settled on Arch Linux.


My programming adventure started in early 90s with C64 8-bit computer, with hobby Basic and 6510 Assembler programming. Programming is still my main hobby and software development became my profession. C++ is my favourite programming language.

History of World War II

I'm fond of WWII books, in particular those concerning European and Russian theaters of war.

More information

For my professional profile, see Goldenline.pl (Polish) and LinkedIn (English).

Contact information

To contact me write to stolowski- - at - - gmail.com.