Here are some of my private projects I've released / I'm working on in my spare time. They were developed under GNU Linux and are distributed under terms of GNU General Public License.


QComicBook screenshot

QComicBook is a viewer for comic book archives containing jpeg/png images, which aims at convenience and simplicity. Its features include:

QComicBook requires Qt library and some or all of the following archivers: zip, rar/unrar, unace, p7zip, tar (with gzip and bzip2 support).

Learn more

To learn more about QComicBook or download it, visit QComicBook web site.


KleanSweep screenshot

KleanSweep allows you to reclaim disk space by finding unneeded files. It can search for files basing on several criterias; you can seek for:

KleanSweep consists of KDE-based (C++) graphical frontend and small helper Perl script that performs actual searching. KleanSweep requires KDE libraries (version 3.5.x) and Perl.


Download Kleansweep here.

Discontinued projects

The projects listed below are no longer maintained. Some of them however may still be developed by volunteers.


Moorie is a Moorhunt-compatible lightweight file-sharing client for Linux. Currently a simple experimental command-line client is available.

Moorie is in the early stages of development and has the following limitations:

Moorie was written using C++ and several helper libraries -- namely boost, curl, mcrypt, gmime2.

Moorie is no longer developed by me. It has been adopted by volunteers -- for new versions look at the official Moorie website. The old Moorie source code repository is still available here:


VyQChat screenshot

VyQChat is a real-time, text-based, serverless chat program dedicated to LANs, that runs on Linux It is almost 100% compatible with Vypress Chat(TM) for Windows. It allows you to chat with friends on public or private channels, send and recieve messages etc. VyQChat was developed in C++ and requires Qt library, version 3.x.

VyQChat is no longer developed. If you like it, you may be interested in TriX project, which is a based on VyQChat source code. Latest version developed by me is 0.2.8; it was released on 19/07/2005. You can download source tarball here.


Slackdeptrack screenshot

Small tool that gives summary of most important package dependencies. Slackdeptrack creates plain text, html, xml and dot (graphviz) output with package dependencies. Here are example html and xml outputs.

This project is no longer actively developed. Latest version is 0.1.3. It can be downloaded here.


Subconv converts divx subtitles from one format to another (srt/tmplayer/mdvd/sub2 to tmplayer/srt). It can also adjust subtitles delay and split subtitles at given time offset(s). Subconv requires Python 2.1.

Latest version is 0.2.2. Download tar.gz