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Differentiating the iPhone 11 and iPhone X’s Camera Features

November 1, 2019 Uncategorized 0

Individuals who are not knowledgeable about the iPhone 11 Phone and of the iPhone X’s cannot compare it easily. The similarity of these two Apple phones regarding the look is evident that they’re constantly bemused to be the same phone. But if you check the two phones carefully with respect to its features, you’ll come across a substantial effect. They are not the specific same in a lot of ways.

One distinction is how Apple alters the dynamics of this camera in addition to the photography features of the iPhone 11 Pro. Along with this, there are new and added features that Apple put on the phone that iPhone X does not have. To summarise, we have listed the difference between the two camera features of these two phones below. Try Apple Repairs Shailer Park website offers the best Apple and Mac computer repairs here.


Ultra-Wide Camera Angle

The new iPhone 11 Guru includes an installation that offers features to the telephone users. This is the simplest feature to spot the gap between the users of the iPhone X’s. The latest version of the camera also involves an advanced lens, therefore photography features might be used on shooting or doing movies. This feature is absent and cannot be found in the old iPhone X’s.

Smart HDR

The iPhone 11 Pro includes a Smart HDR attribute and a brand-new feature that will allow a picture that is greater and much better when recorded by the customers. The iPhone X’s only shoot its photos utilizing the Smart HDR, the iPhone 11 Pro shoots three modes of functionality, the Smart HDR, the night-mode feature, along with an unreleased feature.

Backside Selfie Camera

The iPhone 11 Pro is using a camera in its front and bottom. The cameras include a sensor that could capture alongside a 4K video in motion. This will permit the consumer to shoot videos and photos that are sharper in comparison to the iPhone X’s.

Advance Night Mode

The night mode feature of the iPhone 11 Pro will help in cutting out the image blurriness of a picture. This implies that pictures that are vibrant when utilized in the atmosphere are generated by it. This differs from iPhones where the cameras have an inclination to do with photos.

Portrait Mode

The Portrait mode of the iPhone 11 Pro features a High Key Mono feature which lets the phone to replicate picture that’s taken from the image’s background to a studio. The iPhone 11 Pro camera lets you shoot photos at much wider angles.


The iPhone 11 Pro and your iPhone X’s differ in lots of ways. It is highly recommendable if you are intending to buy the iPhone 11 Pro since Apple made certain that the consumer will be more content with the features it provides. If you happen to have experienced problems with your iPhone, then do not be afraid to get assistance. We’ve got iPhone accredited technicians in Computer Repairs Brisbane to solve and offer affordable service and solutions to your iPhone problems.



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