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How to Lengthen your Batteries Life

April 28, 2022 Uncategorized 0

There are many reasons for rapid battery drain. These can be due to basic engineering or design inefficiencies. Or simple settings that the user can change to increase battery life. A particular model of phone can become a battery eater. A device like this cannot be modified to improve its performance. Some devices are more efficient than others in terms of battery efficiency.

Maintaining Battery Health

In general, however, one can help the battery usage on any device by running a deep tune-up in the settings menu, targeting all applications and device services that may be running in the background, or activating different components that inherently use more battery. Some basic setting changes include switching off the GPS location services on the device, as well as disabling the wifi and Bluetooth when not needed. These devices may not always be in use, but when enabled they are always on and will be contributing to battery depletion. GPS location services in particular utilize a lot of energy to operate, as the antenna is a very powerful unit needing a great deal of power.


Sometimes people wonder if they need to consider computer upgrades and worry about the cost, when their real problem may simply be an aged and dying battery. With all the technological advancements and rapid changes in the ways people interact with their devices, certain issues still plague the general use of these machines. Everything from cell phones to laptop computers uses batteries to operate, and more often than not, people find that the battery life on their device just doesn’t cut it. Those who especially require almost constant communication for work and family may find their phone battery depleting quickly and always at the most inconvenient time.

Review Your Apps

Quitting all running apps that are not in use helps the phone use less of its CPU, therefore saving power. Open the application manager for your device, and simply close everything that is not a system service or an application that is currently being used.

Options for Battery Support

Aside from tweaking the settings and active devices in use, another way to address the battery life issue is an external or additional battery or a battery case. A battery case is the ultimate in productivity improvement, offering not only a protective case for the phone but also a battery that is typically 2 to 3 times more potent than the stock battery inside the device. Some of these cases even incorporate cellular service antenna boosts.

In the case of the Apple iPhone, the battery is not removable and so cannot be quickly replaced with another battery one may have pre-charged at home. The battery case solutions for the iPhone 5 and 5s often include a micro USB adapter for charging, as the Lightning cable is an Apple proprietary protocol. Use Computer Repairs Paddington offers a most affordable solution to restore your broken Mac and make it work like it was brand new.

This can be a great advantage because the user will have the option to charge the phone with a Lightning adapter or Micro USB, the two most common smartphone adapter form factors and protocols seen today.

Instead of a battery case, a person may opt for a generic external USB battery. These batteries, some even including built-in solar charging arrays, are charged with a typical USB cable through a wall outlet or computer, and then have USB ports built in to charge multiple devices.

These batteries will be much larger than the phone battery, in energy (not form factor), and can help charge a phone up to 10-15 times over! Because of the USB ports, these batteries can assist with any other USB compatible device.

There are several popular models of portable battery chargers that fit easily into pockets and purses.

Finally, a workaround for those who don’t have an iPhone is to keep a spare secondary phone battery handy. This battery can simply be swapped for the depleted one at any time.
Instead of constantly fretting about a consistently dying or low-battery error device, invest in a secondary battery system solution. The savings, in both time and energy, are worth every cent of the cost of the accessory.


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