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OS Reinstall

OS Reinstall is the last line of defense in most cases. However, it can sometimes be a quicker and easier option to fix some computer problems.

Customers often need their computers repaired immediately and can’t wait for normal disinfection and repair times. Because we are perfectionists and do the most thorough job possible, a good virus removal and repair job may take approximately 3 days. Our unique disinfection process is so special that we are considering patenting it.


Sometimes customers need their computer back right away and don’t care if their data, programs or images are lost. We will do an OS Reinstall if we are unable to remove the virus due to its complexity or when customers require a computer that is working immediately. Use Computer Repairs Bridgeman Downs offers a most affordable solution to restore your broken Mac and make it work like it was brand new.


We don’t enjoy doing OS Reinstalls if we haven’t found the answer to a problem or are unsure of something. This is because we value our customers’ time. We can tell you how long it took to collect those programs.

We understand how important these photos can be, and we would not want to lose any music or downloaded files.

We don’t want our customers to lose important documents.

Most companies don’t have the ability to back up their important data, such as programs or photos, after an OS Reinstall.

We will do everything we can to ensure our customers’ data is safe and sound if we decide to do a reinstall.

We gotcher back, you know!

We will do whatever it takes to make sure that the customer is satisfied. If you have a need, we can help you get your computer’s OS reinstalled.

We understand the busy life in Ventura and Oxnard. We can repair your computer quickly and professionally. A computer repair can be done quickly by having the OS reinstalled. Your computer will be repaired, updated, and protected quickly and affordably.

Professional OS Reinstalls on your laptop or desktop will give you what you want and more than you paid for. OS Reinstall also includes backups of personal data such as photos, music, movies, and documents so that your valuable files don’t get lost when we repair your computer. After the reinstall has been completed, we ensure that all drivers and antivirus software are updated. After scanning, we return your files to their original locations to make sure you aren’t infected again.

Although an OS Reinstall may not be for everyone, it can be done when requested or necessary. We can reinstall Windows XP or newer.

Expert Computer Repair

Expert Computer Repair in Ventura & Oxnard. Because we understand that good service and satisfied customers go hand-in-hand, we take the time to do the extra work. We love our customers! Guess what? They like us! They love us!

Since 1992, we are certified engineers with the right experience. We have many medical facilities available for our clients and are trusted by the military. We can provide the training, certifications, insurance, bonds and insurance you need to support your business.

Ventura County

We are located centrally in Ventura County, and offer Computer Repair Services to:

Ventura Camarillo Oxnard Ojai Port Hueneme und other Ventura County regions


Repair your computer, your desktop or laptop, Windows or Mac, is necessary.

We want to fix things.

It sounds like a match made in Heaven.

We’re here to help!


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