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Mozilla Thunderbird Email Client

May 18, 2022 Uncategorized 0


Thunderbird, a Mozilla-based free email client, was discovered by me around 2 years ago. Firefox was my favorite browser, so I decided to give Thunderbird a shot. I wasn’t attached to Microsoft Outlook or its $200 price tag.

It was so easy to download and install. This program was amazing! It was completely stand-alone and not intrusive. Outlook users will know it is large and intrusive.

RCA DCM245 Cable Modem Driver

Here’s the driver for Cable Modem RCA DCM245

This is why I needed the driver. It was difficult to find. Okay, so I moved in and ordered Comcast High-Speed Internet. It came with an RCA Cable Modem. My computer uses a regular RJ45 cable to connect to the RCA Comcast Modem. It also has a network card. Use Computer Repairs Loganholme for all your internet and wireless network needs.

My computer doesn’t have a network card, so I needed to connect it to the modem. I had to locate the driver for the RCA DCM245. It was easy to find it, and it was then installed on my new system with Windows XP.

Are your laptop or home computers wireless enabled?

Many reasons have led to built-in wireless capabilities becoming standard equipment on many laptops. The main reason is cost. Manufacturers must add wireless options to all machines in order to keep up with technological developments.

This is an important question to ask: Is your laptop/home computer wireless-enabled? This will allow you to determine if your computer is capable of wireless communication.

Satellite TV for PC – Better than Cable and Direct TV

Okay, so I just called my friend who subscribed to satellite TV for PC. He stated that he has it for 3 months now and that he receives so many channels, he doesn’t know what to watch.

As I was listening to his satellite tv service via his computer, I assumed he would say that it cost him more then $200 per month. Oh, how wrong I was… lol. He said it was only half of that. He said it was less than the $175 monthly top-of-the-line cable packages. However, he claims he receives more channels because of the many international channels he has access to his satellite TV service via his computer.

Troubleshooting Computer Freeze Problems

Computers these days are prone to freezing problems. Your computer may freeze or lock up suddenly. What do you do? This problem is common for many people.

These steps will help you avoid or solve troubleshooting lockup or freeze problems.

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