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What is Website Analysis for?

June 3, 2022 Uncategorized 0

Site analysis, or as they say site audit, is needed primarily to drive traffic to our sites. How traffic is attracted, that is a constant flow of visitors to the site. Today, of course, nothing has been invented better than SEO promotion to the TOP of search engines, but it is worth considering the internal convenience and attractiveness (as the SEO specialists of visualization say) of sites.

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Competently made visual, i.e. well-designed design, convenient menus and their correct location, the presence of buttons for social media services, the presence of audio and video content, the socialization of the site, etc. is able to make visitors remember our sites and come back to them again and again for interesting content (if there is any). As advertisers say to make the brand work.
Something I have a little distracted from the main topic. Let’s continue. Site analysis allows you to find out how quickly the main page of the site loads and how much it weighs. Find out which pages are indexed by which search engines and which are not. Allows you to see the quantity and quality of internal and external links.

Check content for plagiarism. A few original lines copied from another site about a request to subscribe to an RSS feed, word for word, can lead to a negative attitude towards the site from the search engines. Analyze keywords. View site structure. Tags. Site headings.

Analysis of links to our sites with other blogs, forums, site directories, and articles, etc., compare your site with competitors, in other words, carry out a full site analysis.
Where is the best site to analyze? What free site analysis services really work?
You can conduct an audit of sites with SEO specialists or in companies engaged in search engine promotion of client sites.
And also, you can do the analysis of sites yourself using free audit services.

The most popular free website analysis services are of course -Yandex Webmaster and Google WebMasters, moreover and…

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We will do our best to help you as much as possible.

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