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Man Reveals the Dangers of Using Public WiFi

July 2, 2022 Uncategorized 0


He warned that any unsuspecting users who clicked the made-up download button could potentially install a virus that gives the hacker complete access to a computer without the user’s knowledge.

Browsing secured websites is also compromised when a hacker gains access to your computer, with Linkert demonstrating how secured sites or URLs start with an HTTPS, switches to a non-secure site, and allows hackers to see “everything you’re doing.”

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A fake page that tricks unsuspecting users to install RAT on their computers.
Linkert showed in another video, which was divided into two parts, how hackers use a now-defunct Remote Access Trojan (RAT) called “Orcus” to gain almost full access to someone’s computer.

After warning users that his video that it is for “educational purposes only,” and reminded them that he does not condone hacking, he proceeded to run Orcus and showed viewers how powerful the software could be.

He showed how he could view another computer’s desktop to watch its activity, look at another computer’s webcam, scour through the files without any detectable trace, and gather all passwords saved on the computer.

Securing Your Connection
Linkert recommended the use of a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to keep users safe when accessing public WiFis while reminding his viewers to be extra careful when connecting to these public networks.

Norton, a California-based digital security company, describes a VPN as a “secure tunnel” that makes all data coming back and forth a device over a WiFi connection encrypted and hence secure.

In their blog post, Norton recommends making it a habit to use a VPN before connecting to the internet for an added layer of protection.

Such protection includes masking someone’s IP address, location, and search history for privacy, as well as protecting one’s personal information while it is being sent over the network.

They added that the use of VPN could provide users access to region-blocked services, avoid censorship on countries with geographical restrictions, and benefit from cheaper long-distance telephone charges.

VPN use also brings potential drawbacks, such as slower internet access and the possibility of encountering difficulties in its setup.


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