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Children today see a 1970s-era computer

July 5, 2022 Uncategorized 0


Since the DOS days with the black screen and green text, we’ve come a long ways. An iPhone can do 100 times more than an Apple II computer. Those years were the foundation for today’s smartphones, ultra-thin laptops, and 24/7 Internet-connected lifestyles. What would the Internet age’s children think?

The Fine Brothers, a YouTube comedy group, published a new episode of their Kids React series. It shows children aged 6-12 reacting to an Apple II from 1970s. This is one of the most technologically advanced and commercially successful computers of all time. What were their reactions? Hilarious, predictably.

They couldn’t believe how much a computer this big could do. The computer didn’t have a graphical user interface. This was introduced in the 1980s. You can see their reactions when they were told the computer couldn’t connect to the Internet in the video below.

“If you don’t have a desk where can you store this?” One girl asks, “If you don’t have a desk, where do you put it?”

All the children responded that they could turn on the computer but none of them did. “How can we do that?” One little boy, who was astonished to learn that he needed to reach the back of the computer in order to turn it on, asked the question. Another girl asked, “Why does it make so much noise?”

The children discovered that they couldn’t do much with the computer when it was finally turned on. They tried typing their names into Google but it wouldn’t let them. “Apps! Games! Websites! Everything! This thing, however, has nothing! One little girl, who is about to lose it, exclaimed:

The kids couldn’t believe that the Internet wasn’t even available back then.

The children also attempted to get the computer solve a simple math equation. This was something that the Apple II could do. However, the children weren’t happy to discover they needed to use the command Print in order to get the answer. After one girl had used the Print command to solve the equation, the computer finally solved it. It took over a thousand years!

The kids were not impressed when they were given a floppy disc with a game on it. However, one little girl said it was better than Flappy Bird, while another little boy complained about it’s “too much pixels.”

The filmmakers then asked the children if they would like to own an Apple II computer. You already know the answer.


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