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TikTok shares money with content creators via ad revenue

July 15, 2022 Uncategorized 0


Creators will have a new way to make money with the popular, short-video-focused app TikTok. It plans to share a portion of its revenue with top creators when their videos are paired with ads.

TikTok has yet to provide a significant way for creators of content to be monetized. This program is based on Youtube’s model of paying creators, and it generates a substantial payout from the platform.

TikTok Pulse is the new program that allows ads to be played alongside “the top 4 percent of all videos” on this platform. This was announced by TikTok in a blog post published Wednesday.

TikTok will give a percentage of the ad revenue to creators and publishers who have at least 100,000 followers or trending videos. TikTok confirmed that the revenue split is 50/50.

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The company posted in their blog that TikTok Pulse is a new contextual advertising solution. It allows advertisers to place their brand next the most popular content on For You Feed.

They stated that they were also “focused on creating monetization solutions for available markets so creators feel valued on TikTok.”

TikTok launched this feature not only to compensate content creators but also to attract advertisers to TikTok. It allows them to highlight their brand’s content alongside most popular TikTok videos, which ultimately connects creators and brands.

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The company assured that content created by creators will be evaluated for suitability for advertising.

YouTube’s Partner Program (YPP), which is similar to YouTube, allows creators to earn ad revenues from advertisements posted on their channel. Brands can reach videos that have high traction and subscriber numbers, but the platform must first ensure that the videos comply with their content policies.

Advertisements are prohibited from being placed on videos that promote hate, discrimination, or other misconducts.

TikTok stated that Pulse would also adhere to these principles.

The company stated that TikTok Pulse ads run adjacent to verified content, which is our highest level of brand suitability on the platform.

TikTok also stated that advertisers will have access to “additional post campaign measurement tools such third-party brand suitability, view ability verification”, which will provide them with a transparent report to help them understand and analyze the effectiveness and marketability their campaigns.

When will the feature be available?

TikTok’s only monetization program is the “Creator Fund”, which is available to a few select users who have gained significant traction for their videos.


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