Advantages of Linux compared to Windows

Advantages of Linux over Windows

We all necessarily prefer the best for ourselves. There is no crime in it. Having the best gives you time and quality. This is why this article is cooked to satisfy you with the taste of the best, similarly the taste of Linux.  So we sat down with lead computer technician Robert K. at to understand the difference between Windows and Linux.

So patiently read why you should go for Linux instead of Windows.

1 Open Source Nature

Unlike Windows which does not show you the source, Linux allows you to access the source code and this is a huge advantage you really need to value.


While Windows is prone to various kinds of attacks from hackers and viruses, Linux is more secure and less vulnerable to attacks. Linux is secured because of features like, package management, the idea of repositories and few more features.

When you are using Windows, you have to get an antivirus to secure you PC from hackers and malware. However when you are using Linux, you don’t have to have an antivirus installed. But there are some programs available to secure you from threats if you are using Linux.

Linux can Revive Older Computers

Operating System (OS) evolve and their hardware requirement undergo exponential increase. For example, if you buy an original version of Windows 10 there may be a need to meet up with the least hardware requirements to run it and you may not be able to use it on any hardware below the required one.

But with Linux you can also use an ancient computer system of yours to do whichever task you want to do. This has an exception as it does not imply that every Linux distribution with 256 MB RAM with an obsolete processor. However you can still use Puppy Linux and other programs you can install on any of these low-end systems.

Most servers across the world prefer to run on Linux hosting to Windows as Linux has more edge over Windows when they are both run on high-end systems.

Perfect for Programmers

If you are a programmer and your system is not running on Linux OS, then you need to repent. Well didn’t mean to make a joke but just go for Linux. Linux supports almost all the major programming languages like Python, C/C++, Java, Perl, Ruby, etc). It also proffers many applications you can use for programming.

The Linux terminal is superior to Windows command line for developers. Many libraries could also be developed locally for Linux. With the package manager on Linux you can get things done easily. Linux has a native support for SSH that assists you in managing your servers faster.

Software Updates

If you are using windows, it pushes software updates that when it receives a set of problems if you need to fix any major issue.

Using Linux, you will see more updates to fix whichever problems you might be facing. So Linux gives you larger amount of software updates compared to Windows.