Top New Open Source Projects

The impression that growth and expansion of open source project has on us cannot be overemphasised. Below is the list of top six in 2017.



This was released in the 2015. It is an extensible machine learning library based on neuron and it was developed by Google. With TensorFlow, all kinds of pipelines can be built by you. You can even create complex situations as in, “will a user that look like X purchase Y?”




This opens source is sponsored by th Linux Foundation so as to further commercial tomorrow of blockchain technology. modular tools that can function as the distributed blockchain foundation to resolve commercial complexities which range from security of contracts, anonymous accounting and management of identity and historical transaction methods that are based in communities, have been developed by hyperledger. It has generated a lot of cross-industry interest.



Kubernetes was established in 2014 with the ambitious goal of solving the problem of orchestrating many distributed server across tiers, roles and groups. Kubernetes leads the pack when it comes to large scale containers orchestration. It has users like NYTimes, Goldman Sachs, SoundCloud, Box, Comcast as well as Ebay.

Lab 41

This is where the US Intellingence Community come together with their opponents as well as co leageues  is academia and industry so as to solve big data issue. However, Lab 41 is not explicitly an open project. It is just asking some questions that result into open source code and its contributions to the community. The uniqueness in Lab 41 is found in its intersection in the principles of open source, venture funding and government priorities.


This is your maximum security on the internet as it  secures, and controls the access to tokens, passwords, certificates, API keys and other secrets common in modern computing.

The list above is worth getting familiarised with for the purpose of using the open source so that  they can suit your purpose and to have more knowledge in the field. It is also one of those pagages that Linux has on ground for you.