Why Use Linux

People ask this question. They wonder why one should undergo the stress of choosing the desktop environment when the operating systems that come with laptops, desktops as well as servers work fine. However, you should also be aware that those things you called in-built operating systems are susceptible to a continent of viruses, malware and many other dangers. Have you even thought of how much it going to cost you to maintain those?

If you want to feel secured from losing files and paying unnecessary expenses, why not go for Linux? It has constituted one of the most reliable in the realm of computer technology software.

More interesting news to hear is that Linux costs you nothing and you can have it installed in as many personal computers as needed. Isn’t this splendid? You can also tell your friends about it. This is unlike the Windows server whose 2012 version price ran up to $1,200.

Working with Linux becomes a realised dream if you are into system administration. Getting the Linux server is getting the messiah of operating systems.  With it, you will simply do away with baby-sitting servers that cost a lot but give you no satisfaction.

Well some people are not convinced when you tell them they will not be charged for some sales or services. However, what about the fact that your files will be secured when you use Linux? What about the fact that you do not have to pay expenses for software maintenance and sort of? Do you even know that there are people who have testified to have used this operating system without having any problem with viruses, malware and so on?

Linux and Open Source Licence.

The open source has the following concepts as their epicentre:

  1. You can open any program for any purpose for which you want to.
  2. You can study how the program works and make it do what you desire.
  3. You can also distribute copies to assist neighbours with.
  4. If the version you previously distributed is out-dated you can distribute a new version

From the above you can simply deduce that the Linux operating system is for the people by the people and of the people. It is simply yours!