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I’m a long-time Linux user and a big fan of open source software. I started using Linux around 1997 or 1998 (if my memory serves me correctly) and it quickly became my only work environment. I’ve tried several Linux distributions since then, but eventually discovered and settled on Arch Linux.

About Me

My name is Dave Hailey, I was born in Warszawa, Poland and currently live in Dublin, Ireland. I work as Software Engineer. I’m devoted to GNU/Linux and Open Source Software and develop some free open-source projects in my spare time. This site contains some general information about my projects.


My programming adventure started in early 90s with C64 8-bit computer, with hobby Basic and 6510 Assembler programming. Programming is still my main hobby and software development became my profession. C++ is my favourite programming language.

What is Linux?

Linux is an operating system like Windows XP, Windows 8 as well as Mac OS X. the software that makes all of the hardware resources of your system to be alive and functional is called an operating system. In simple terms, the operating system is that which co-ordinates the communication between the software of your system as well as the hardware. The inference from this is that without the operating system, your software is as good as dead and when your software is useless of what function is the hardware?


What is Open Source?

When something is publicly accessible, can be changed and shared when needed, it is termed ‘open source.’ This term emanated from the universe of software development and it is meant to label a specific approach to the creation of computer programs. Open source nowadays seems to be an umbrella term for other embryonic contents it is pregnant of.

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Why Use Linux?

People ask this question. They wonder why one should undergo the stress of choosing the desktop environment when the operating systems that come with laptops, desktops as well as servers work fine. However, you should also be aware that those things you called in-built operating systems are susceptible to a continent of viruses, malware and many other dangers. Have you even thought of how much it going to cost you to maintain those?

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Linux Distribution

Linux distribution is simply implies the different versions of Linux we have. You can freely download and install those versions on your personal computer. You are also free to burn Linux software disc as well as distribute to friends and neighbours in your surroundings.

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